A retrospect of Front Porch Radio in 2015

FeaturedOnFPR_WebGraphicI am incredibly grateful to reflect back on this past year at the treasure trove of guests I’ve welcomed to Front Porch Radio to share their wisdom, insights and talent.

2015 was a wonderful year for this program. In April, FPR was featured in Winter Park Magazine and the summer heat kept me inside revamping the branding & website, adding a Twitter and Instagram account (we’ve entered the 20tweens yo!) and also found me recording the shows again this summer. (All shows prior to this year were unfortunately erased from the server without my knowledge. HUGE BUMMER.)

My top seven picks for you to listen to going into the new year:

  1. We Couldn’t Stop Laughing
  2. Radical Local Impact (A and B)
  3. Truth Bombs from Your Future Self
  4. Power-ful
  5. Get Your Fingers Out Your Ears (A and B)
  6. Down There (A and B)
  7. Sage Advice
  8. For the Wild Ones with Business Savvy

You can browse the full list of shows we were able to record below:


Gratitude to Rollins College & WPRK for this forum to be able to amplify issues and stories of substance that are rarely heard in mainstream media.

A million thank you’s to our fans for the past eight years who are dedicated listeners who allow themselves to be changed by the information they hear on Front Porch Radio.

I can honestly say the conversations held on 91.5fm every Wednesday from 4 to 5pm have had a tremendous influence on my outlook and have made me a much more aware and awake human. A priceless gift that I cherish always.

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