Wilder Moon Sessions for Women Entreprenuers

WilderMoonSessionsThere are three things I know:

  1. Magic happens when women gather.
  2. Revolutions begin in our living rooms. Always.
  3. I’m BLESSED to know a totally diverse cross-section of bad ass women (yes, YOU) with skilled smarts & bold hearts. You MUST meet each other. Like, immediately.

We can’t wait a moment longer to share stories and swap some hard earned wisdom. I’ve spent the last decade learning a thing or two inside of a very successful social enterprise as a woman, working (single) mother and community advocate. I’ve got a few things to share, but more importantly – so do you. Let’s do what we do best – synergize over our shared stories and support what wants to emerge NOW: our sovereign right to livelihood on terms each of us define for ourselves.

Who: Current and aspiring women entrepreneurs, mentors and those interested in investing, supporting & amplifying these talented change agents.

When: Every New Moon, times will vary. The inaugural session is Saturday, January 9th from 11am to 2pm  (RSVP on Facebook).

Where: Very intentionally held in the intimacy of living rooms of incredible women in our community. We are bringing these conversations home, where our heart is. This first one is going to be at The Johnson Manor in Winter Springs Florida near the Temple, a community gathering place and homestead of Midwife Kelli Johnson.

What: Every session will be different & tailored to those in attendance, generally involving a talk followed by group discussion for collective wisdom exchange.

Cost: Anonymous tithing, based on ability & level of gratitude, to be split with the host.

See You Soon. RSVP on Facebook.


About the Johnson Manor

Kelli Johnson & her husband Coyote have an incredible wellness store that they run out of their home with homemade medicine, wine & nourishing products. You’re probably going to want to make a purchase, I’m just forwarning you, everything they sell is awesome.

Just a sample of what they have is online here: http://stores.coyotesnaturalmedicine.com/all-products/

One thought on “Wilder Moon Sessions for Women Entreprenuers

  1. This is very inspiring as often it feels very lonely working for yourself. A wonderful way for women to get together. Thanks for the information. I am on my way to check out more info.

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