According to Others

“Stupendous, stylish, savvy, witty. Wickedly smart and strategically minded. Instinctively understands how to craft long term win-win relationships. Loyal and ethical. She’s the real deal and a dynamite package.” — Wendimere Reilly, The Health Chic

“Julie is a Muse. She inspires and is inspiring. Her first thought is always “How can I best serve the community”. She has an incredible radar for picking up on important trends in local culture and uses her social capital wisely to create synergies among her broad network of friends and associates to capitalize on these important paradigm shifts.” — John Rife, Winter Park Harvest Festival

“Julie has a natural ability to feel what the heart of a community needs and beautifully bring about the necessary resources to manifest it. Her influence goes much beyond her close circle of friends to bring about change in an entire community. This ability continues to inspire me and everyone around her.” — Michelle Isla, Reflections of Light

“Julie Norris is the force behind Dandelion Cafe, serving to bring health, happiness, and a holistic way of life to the Central Florida community. This young, bright, and energetic entrepreneur continues to put her heart and soul into every new project she undertakes, bringing it to fruition for the benefit and goodness of all concerned. We are fortunate to have the well-respected and positive voice of her in our community.” — Lauren MacLeish

“Julie Norris is a free thinker who leads by example. I consider her a great resource for any issues I’m experiencing. She can always bring an educated, organic, creative approach to the table. Unfortunately for me, I am not as educated on many natural living matters as I’d like to be. However, Julie is just a phone call or e-mail away and always enthusiastic to voice her knowledge and ideas.” – Lillian Bleakley Shettle

“If Julie ran against Patty Sheehan or Buddy Dyer, She could actually win!” — Michael Camarata

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