Love Served Here: A Call to Orlando Business Owners

Now is the time to take a STRONG STAND ON THE SIDE OF LOVE and I am incredibly PROUD that the majority of our local & independent business community are already on it. Here are three ways you can stand in SOLIDARITY with our LGBTQ community:


Restaurant Owners: Let’s start a LOVE salad culinary trend in Orlando (and maybe it will sweep the nation!). Let’s make it a thing for every restaurant to have a salad with every color of the rainbow in it permanently on their menu. There is no stronger way to send a message of solidarity than to serve LOVE every day. I just made one with kale, purple cabbage, yellow apples, carrots, cranberries & blueberries. It was delicious & inspired this post. (Bonus points: at the end of the year, for every LOVE salad sold, donate $1 per salad to local LGBTQ groups. Because: LOVE.)

Screen shot 2016-06-17 at 4.52.27 PM

All Business, Schools, Faith Organizations & Individuals: celebrate inclusiveness regardless of politics by registering with Open for Service and placing a badge at your entrance and on your website. Open for Service is a non-partisan, non-judgmental group providing a grassroots network for people to support businesses that open the doors for everyone.

Screen shot 2016-06-12 at 10.46.43 AM

Everyone: lets show the world that #loveisthemajority. Local community amazing person, Alexandra Love, designed this T’shirt before the Pulse tragedy struck. Get one here. She also wrote & released a CD with a song titled Pulse on the eve of the tragedy and the lyrics are haunting. Take a listen and see the SOLIDARITY that Orlando is showing:

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