Fare-thee-well, Dandelion! This lil seed flies free, where she lands….

Maya & I celebrate just after I became a free woman. Pure joy!

Dear Community,

It is with a light and liberated heart that I share the news that I am no longer an owner of Dandelion Communitea Cafe, having recently signed a settlement. The settlement stopped the lawsuit to dissolve the business. The incredible place I infused with so much of my heart, soul and essence will continue on to feed our Orlando community and I am free to begin creating magic once again. This near-decade with Dandelion has been an unbelievable ride, and there are no words adequate to describe my gratitude to have been in such a unique position to participate and observe at such an incredible time in Orlando’s localist revival.

I hold immense love for everyone who has supported Dandelion through the years, making it the dynamic place it is. From the unique characters who I had the pleasure of working with, to the amazing patrons/friends who always delighted, I am blessed by your presence and influence in my life. I am a better person because of you, and Orlando is so obviously a better place in large part influenced by what has emerged from this space. I am still in awe of the incredible raving fans who share their love for Dandelion far and wide. It’s a testament to each of you showing that kind of support that makes a lil ole vegetarian cafe tucked into a side street a raging success.

Incredible recognition and thanks to Sandra Diaz, Amber Melendy and Henry Melendy whose friendship for the past decade through thick and thin has demonstrated everything that is good and right about our world. Also, to Anna McCambridge, Bethany Myers, Jeremy Seghers, Morgan Steele, Shawn Welcome and the women at the Florida School of Holistic Living for their synergistic contributions, along with the artists, musicians, wordsmiths, drummers, dancers and crafters who have cultivated such a high vibration over the years. Of course, there are too many amazing Dandelion employees to name here, however, I now join so many of you who moved on from the cafe to find yourself involved in incredible projects around the world. I hope our paths will cross again in serendipitous and delightful ways.

And to YOU, the wise & kind many who know and understand without explanation: each individual act of extending a hand or a hug or supportive words has cast a safety net a mile wide and allowed me to experience true social security through this new-old thing called the caring & sharing economy. I will be forever grateful for this incredible experience being held up by so many of your hands as I’ve lived this last decade out loud. I will continue to pay it forward in the same, often quiet, ways it was offered.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m going to take a moment to integrate all that I’ve experienced, but I’m also bursting with excitement over a few projects I’ve been tinkering on.   In addition to a bewildering personal announcement I have around the corner, I’ve also been busy crafting a new community concept that I think you’ll like. And ladies, I’ve also got an idea I’ve been mulling over, and it’s time to plant some seeds – look for an invite to join me on that adventure shortly. If you want to be one of the first to know where I’m dedicating my energy next like me on Facebook or simply subscribe to this blog (scroll down to do that). I imagine I’ll be throwing a party before summer’s end, so we can also catch up in person (which is way more fun)! Oh, and you can still hear me on Front Porch Radio every Wednesday at 4pm on WPRK 91.5 FM.

As I resurface with fresh perspective, insight and inspiration, know that I rise because of, and for, you. (And Maya, everything is for Maya!)

With gratitude,

Julie Norris

K.I.T. juliebewilder@gmail.com /// available soon for coaching & consultation

18 thoughts on “Fare-thee-well, Dandelion! This lil seed flies free, where she lands….

  1. I met you through Dandelion….that is what Dandelion gave to me and I respect you as a business partner and adore you as a human being, so grateful you are in my life! Big things are coming!

    1. Thanks to SunRail, I’ll be in town frequently. And most likely will expand the new concept here in a few years. I just love the feeling in DeLand. Can’t wait to make new friends there too!

  2. I can’t recall if I met you first at a drum circle or peaceful parents, but you’ve always shined. Something tells me the path you’re on now is shining even brighter for you and Maya. Beautiful energy!

    1. Thank you for your kind words – I keep seeing this whoooosh of a phoenix rising. I’ve always known Dandy was just a first of many. Glad to be able to start embracing the new things ready to come out of me. 🙂

  3. Delightful words! May God bless the work of your heart and hands in whatever you do next. Give Maya a hug from all of us.

  4. Showers of blessings my dear. Excited to hear what you have up your sleeve. hmmmmm bewildering personal announcement, will it be soon or do I need to get in touch with Perez Hilton for the scoop?

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