New! Rainbow Bridge 2013 Calendar


My latest project is the Rainbow Bridge Calendar – bridging the Gregorian method of marking time with the rhythms of our solar system and chakras. Follow & discuss on our Facebook page and read more about the Six Layers of Knowledge on the official website.


Here is a brief description of the information contained….more info and explanations to come!

Six Layers of Knowledge

Monthly | Gregorian Time 

January – December as marked by our culture; Full & New Moons included in month

Weekly | Chakra Affirmations

Inviting you to connect with your chakra centers during the week & plan your activities around each chakra need.

  • Monday | Root | We are secure | Pay Bills, Grocery Shop, Address any worries
  • Tuesday | Sacral | We are creative | Create a piece of art, play music, brainstorm a new idea
  • Wednesday | Solar Plexus | We are empowered | Try something new, nourish yourself in some way, assess personal boundaries
  • Thursday | Heart Chakra | We are love | Give bear hugs, date night, commit a random act of selfless kindness
  • Friday | Throat | We understand | Write, Speak Your Truth, Sing in the Shower, use words to resolve conflict
  • Saturday | Brow/Third Eye | We know | Learn by doing, focus on your intuition, share your knowledge
  • Sunday | Crown | We Are | Just Be, Gather & Play with Friends or Family, Spend time in nature, devote to spiritual practice

Daily | Lunar | Phases of the Moon

Discover the best times to begin, act, complete and release. New, Full & Quarter Moons are placed on a rainbow “ray” corresponding to the specific day of that month (there is a white tick mark to donate the 1st day of the gregorian month). New and Full moons are also shown on the Gregorian wedge.

    • New Moon: Initiate something, set intentions for cycle
    • Waxing Moon (growing fuller): a time of action
    • Full Moon: a time of ripeness, completion.
    • Waning Moon (growing darker): release, surrender, let go.

Seasons | Zodiac / Star Constellations

Discover the expression of each personality or archetype that influences us.

Aries, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn


  • Sun • will, individuality
  • Pluto • emotions, sensitivity
  • Naptune • compassion, idealism
  • Uranus • reform, originality
  • Saturn • discipline, contraction
  • Jupiter • spontaneity, expansion
  • Mars • action, aggression
  • Venus • harmony, affection
  • Mercury • mind, communication

Interaction & Understanding

There is a time for everything – how can we harness the energy of the sun, moon and planetary stations for smooth sailing? Information on aspects, eclipses & retrogrades can be interpreted.

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