Wilder Moon Sessions

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Our first session was held at the Johnson Manor & brought together 40 powerful women. Photo my Miriphoto

Our Next Wilder Moon Session
Saturday, July 2nd from 1 to 4pm at Julie Wilders Home in DeLand, Florida
Address & RSVP Here

There are three things I know:

  1. Magic happens when women gather.
  2. Revolutions begin in our living rooms.
  3. I’m BLESSED to know a totally diverse cross-section of bad ass women (yes, YOU) with skilled smarts & bold hearts. You MUST meet each other. Like, immediately.

We can’t wait a moment longer to share stories and swap some hard earned wisdom. I’ve spent the last decade learning a thing or two inside of a very successful social enterprise as a woman, working (single) mother and community advocate. I’ve got a few things to share, but more importantly – so do you. Let’s do what we do best – synergize over our shared stories and support what wants to emerge NOW: our sovereign right to livelihood on terms each of us define for ourselves.

In the span of a decade, I nurtured a start-up straight into a down economy and onward to a flourishing $1.5 million dollar company at my exit while co-facilitating the emergence of a now thriving localist movement. I know what I did right (and wrong) inside my own enterprise and what collaborations and practices propelled the localist movement into a full blown revival in a few short years.

I also saw the shadows in myself and others around me and endured trauma from this dis-illusionment and have come to know the struggles unique to women entrepreneurs – not just from my own experience, but also from women like you in countless private conversations. Our stories are so commonplace that the solutions have to be systemic.

I only have a small window of time before I nurture my next enterprise into full formation. Therefore, the Wilder Moon Sessions will only gather this year. We will gather informally every New Moon as a short term community of practice to share our stories, resources & knowledge. The sharing will help us map our individual and collective assets and identify personal and systemic gaps specific to local women entrepreneurs. Through this process we will make great friends and merge with ease & grace more fully into our potent-ial as we (wo)mentor and inspire one another.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 11.37.06 PMWho: Current and aspiring women entrepreneurs, mentors and those interested in investing, supporting & amplifying these talented change agents.

What: Every session will be different & tailored to those in attendance, generally involving a talk followed by group discussion for collective wisdom exchange.

When: Every New Moon, times will vary so all women can attend. [Click here to add to your calendar.]

Where: Very intentionally held in the intimacy of living rooms of incredible women in our community throughout the Central Florida region. We are bringing these conversations home, where our heart is.

Cost: Anonymous tithing, based on ability & level of gratitude, to be split with the host.

Kids: We have them, they may interrupt. It’s part of the deal.

Our Inaugural Session was held at the Johnson Manor and had over 40 women in attendance.