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I love to amplify people who are creating GOODNESS.

Whether you are in business or planning a start-up, part of a non-profit organization or just have a creative project you want to brainstorm about, I can probably help you. I’ve earned my expertise by going through it as co-founder of Dandelion Communitea Cafe, which grew from a boot-strapped start-up, survived the economic downturn and went on to become a million dollar company.

But I’m not here to just do business.

I am an agent of change, influencing entire systems
to flourish as vibrant, community oriented eco-systems.

As a key co-facilitator of the grassroots localist movement (now thriving in Central Florida), producer & host of Front Porch Radio & my long time participation in the Slow Money and Be A Localist movements, I am a nexus of information, people and processes that are birthing the “more beautiful world we all know is possible” (as Charles Eisenstein says).

My Superpower is Strategy

How to think about what you offer to the world in terms of
least effort & highest impact while keeping your integrity.

Between my former place of business, Front Porch Radio and localist advocacy work, I am blessed with an organically formed network of local and national friends and allies and the institutions they are connected to. Genuine goodness only.

I will encourage you to trust your intuition, keep your focus, and navigate the emotional up’s and downs of any start-up.

Here are just a few of the areas in which I have knowledge:

Social Entrepreneurs 

  • Structures that Work: What legal structure(s) makes sense for you, your project and your cause.
  • Exit Strategies: Begin with the end in mind: sustainability means you will either need an exit strategy that preserves your mission or think about how to wind down your business, part ways with existing partners or prepare for succession planning.
  • Culture Keepers: increasing gender intelligence for organizational effectiveness, planning for conflict resolution, safeguarding against hostile workplace.
  • Removing Control from Money: learning how to identify bad money & turn it down, how to structure deals around GOOD money and what qualities to look for in potential partners, investors and collaborators.
  • Prevent Self Sabotage & Self Limiting Patterns: sometimes we are our own worst enemy – how to improve your leadership and communication, remain courageous and confident, and handle the voices of people who are risk-averse and discouraging.

Please click here for current coaching packages, graphic design & current class/workshops. 

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